Visitor Management Solution


Organisations need to register and track each guest entering their facilities. The integrated approach transforms visitor and employee experiences by combining security, safety, reception, and analyst functions in a single, powerful, customizable solution. The process driven visitor management application defends workplaces against potential security threats by requiring digital registration for every visitor.


To meet the demand for sophisticated and highly customizable solutions, the visitor management software was designed according to these requirements:

  • Easy registration process for visitors and contractors incl. web-based pre-registration process, scanning of IDs, uploading of documents and online tutorials / trainings
  • Efficient process handling for visitors and contractors matching companies’ SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and security guidelines
  • Management of multiple watch lists and timetables
  • Open system architecture to allow integration of internal & external data sources, e.g. MS Active Directory, Gov data bases etc.
  • Internal and external communication via mobile app, email and SMS
  • Highly customizable via responsive web design
  • Integration of different Access Control Systems and other peripherals, such as visitor self-checkin kiosk, ID card printers and scanners, QR code readers, etc.
  • Work order management and billing of services to cost centres, e.g. reservation of parking space, catering etc.
  • Providing a system for booking of courses, training and exams
  • Compliance with European GDPR guidelines and local requirements for data privacy

The Solution

The Flow4Secure application for visitor management covers the entire process to welcome visitors and contractors. It screens guests ahead of arrival by asking them to complete a pre-registration form and it keeps track of all interactions with visitors.
The application provides real-time visibility and control of all visitors, appointments and work orders at one or multiple sites. It interactions seamlessly with other systems like access control and building management systems, facility booking, parking and locker management, digital signage, gates, barriers etc. under one unified user interface.

Securing personal data of visitors and contractors is guaranteed according European GDPR law and local requirements.


The secure and integrated approach to register, manage and track visitors in smart facilities. Based on an open platform our Visitor Management Solution drives operational efficiency and ensures consistent flexibility to adapt on new premises requirements.


The Visitor Management Solution offers:

  • GDPR compliance
  • Create and manage visits of external people through automatic workflows (room reservation, house keeping, catering, etc.)
  • Management of access areas including dependencies (date, time and areas)
  • Interfaces to user (HR, AD) and external (police) databases
  • Interfaces to one or several access control systems
  • Interface to ANPR, gates, barrier and bollards
  • Interface to facility booking and parking management systems
  • Interfaces to identity scanners (QR, ID (pass),…)
  • Interfaces to peripheral devices (self-check-in-terminals, printer, scanner, camera, digital signage, …)
  • Mobile credentials
  • Email and SMS notification services
  • Multiple languages
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Document management (upload of passport scan, driver license, certificates, etc.)
  • Instructions and training
  • Evacuation


Learn more about our Visitor Management Solution in the datasheet: