Airport Solution

Today’s airports face new challenges which have far-reaching consequences for all operators in every area of the airport, it is therefore essential to adapt appropriately. A knowledge based approach is required to achieve greater operational efficiency, improve environmental performance and address security vulnerabilities.

TERRA 4D PSIM solution is designed for airports that need to reduce the risk of disruption to their operations while providing an improved service
to passengers.

The need for comprehensive solutions to assure quality, security and safety is addressed by TERRA 4D Airport:

  • Integrating operation applications into a single platform to manage complexity
  • Improve situation response times and minimize risk
  • Improve over-all efficiency and passenger experience
  • Common operating picture to enable rapid situation awareness, management and real-time resolution
  • Geo-reference and correlate data from multiple security and safety subsystems and other systems to resolve a situation
  • Integrate multiple video solutions seamless on one operator platform
  • Collection, collaboration and sharing of information
  • Intuitive workflows remove operator randomness, reduce stress for the user during an incident and enforce company’s compliance guidelines

With Terra 4D users interact with the software through a graphical 3 dimensional model of their site upon which object icons are plotted in real time providing immediate situational awareness.

CCTV/Multiple Sensors

By combining multiple sensors into one intuitive enterprise view, operators can identify and track objects and events while maintaining a global view of their entire site, rather than watching video screens from any single camera. Operators have selective access to live video from a multitude of CCTV cameras, giving operators “eyes-on-the-scene” in the vicinity of an incident.


Live and recorded video, access control, fire alarm and intruder detection systems data can be accessed and correlated with passenger lists, aircraft positions (ADS-B) and more. Terra 4D offers “classified” applications using geo-spatial analytics to detect and intercept incidents before they turn into a threat. This data supports investigations in immigration crime and human rights violations, trafficking of weapons and narcotics, human smuggling and other types of contraband, financial crimes and export enforcement issues.

Immediate Access

In case of an incident, the system selects the closest cameras to be displayed in the salvo and may even control PTZ cameras to capture the scene.

All documented/Sensors

Terra 4D monitors and documents all activities at check-in, passenger screening, security checkpoints and baggage inspection. It supervises TSA officers during their internal and external inspection rounds throughout the airport buildings and even tracks their movements via ‘up close’ video footage. All information is represented in the 3D GIS model.

Landing Field/Outside

Based on ADS-B and/or ground radar Terra 4D Airport knows the position of all equipped vehicles on the tarmac. It is capable to track vehicles on ground and even in flight by PTZ cameras. Tem­porary blocked areas are defined in the 3D model. Any violation will lead to CCTV auto-tracking and will set off an alarm at ground control. If a mode-s receiver detects emergency, radio failure or high­jacked status, the system initiates CCTV auto-tracking documenting the landing and taxiing phase until standstill. All meta data and videos are available for time synchronized playback.

Baggage Check


Learn more about our PSIM Airport Solution in the datasheet: