Physical Security Information Management - PSIM

A Physical Security Information Management system collects and correlates events from existing disparate security devices and information systems (CCTV, access control, sensors, networks, building systems, etc.) to empower operators to identify and proactively resolve situations.

An integrated solution enables numerous organizational benefits, including increased control, improved situational awareness and management reporting. Ultimately, these solutions allow organizations to reduce costs through improved efficiency and to improve security through increased intelligence.

TERRA 4D PSIM translates unstructured sensor and system data into structured data and displays it in a geographical context, offering superior real-time situational awareness. Gathering enough data and patterns gives greater insight into content and allows content analytics to make a faster correlation, assisting safety officials in their decision making, identification of the correct protocol, availability of resources and when and where they should be deployed. Operators can fly through time and space having virtual “eyes-on-the-scene”.

Geographic Information System

GIS Layer Model

TERRA 4D is based on a 3D geographical information system. The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) represents a 3 dimensional elevation layer of the ground. Satellite imagery, current and historic aerial photos are overlaid.

The system translates unstructured sensor and system data into structured data and displays it in a geographical context, offering superior real-time situational awareness. Operators of TERRA 4D PSIM solutions can fly through time and space having virtual “eyes-on-the-scene”.

8 - Information
Weather, crisis, documents, addresses, points of interest

7 - Mobile Units
Current positions, 2D and 3D avatars, history tracks

6 - Events
Events or alarms as 2D/3D avatars, alarm zones

5 - CCTV Cameras and Sensors
Mounting positions and current field of view, radars and perimeters

4 - Buildings
3D buildings, photo-realistic or artificial texture, buildings with inner 3D structure

3 - Street Maps
Roads, footpaths

2 - Ortho Imagery
Acquired by satellite, aircraft, UAV

1 - Digital Terrain Model
Elevation data, representation of terrain surface


PSIM Solutions


It is of national security and public interest to secure correct usage, storage and distribution of chemicals from various threats including, but not limited to terrorism, accidents and sabotage.


Transportation & Infrastructure

Terra 4D helps transportation organizations like airports, seaports and mass transit. It enables efficient and safe transportation of people and goods with a superior situational awareness.


Smart City

Managing situations in communities involves city, state, federal and private organizations. Terra 4D PSIM facilitates the gathering, coordination, and sharing of information, in real-time to resolve and manage situations effectively.


Utilities & Critical Infrastructure

Energy organizations supply fuels to the transportation industry, electricity to households and businesses, and other sources of energy that are integral to growth and production around the world. Terra 4D PSIM helps to protect and maintain smooth operations at these facilities.


PSIM systems help financial institutions to protect their assets and ensure safe 24/7 operations. Terra 4D supports the enforcement of Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance services that rely on proven consulting practices and deep knowledge of best-of-breed tools.


Terra 4D helps organizations to monitor employees and assets. It tracks all activities including location and status, allows geo-fencing and the definition of warning and alarm zones.