The state-of-the-art platform FLOW4SECURE is an efficient solution for creating and automating business processes that relate to physical security and workplace service delivery. The avoidance of errors and inconsistent data through clearly defined processes significantly improves the quality and security of operations.

We have developed a common platform that offers solutions for all aspects of workflow and process management and if necessary, it can be supplemented by tailor-made individual developments.

Reliable quality through clearly defined digital processes.

A large amount of structured and unstructured data from several sources challenges large organizations and its staff every day. The avoidance of errors and inconsistent data through clearly defined process flows improves significantly the quality and security of your operations.

To meet regulatory requirements, data protection gets more and more important. FLOW4SECURE complies with General Data Protection (GDPR) and can be adapted to other regulations.

Video clip introducing Flow4Secure platform with applications for Identity and Access Control Management, Visitor Management, Yard Management and Facility Management


FLOW4SECURE – the smart platform which combines and synchronizes all your available and necessary data and information to provide you a unique benefit in operation. It is browser-based and the workflows and processes can be simply mapped and automated by using drag & drop, even without programming knowledge. The platform uses the process technique of the Business Process Model & Notation (BPMN) standard which is a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a business process model.

FLOW4SECURE is available as physical or cloud-based installation and is scalable through its standard process applications which can be easily adapted or extended. It can be simply integrated to the TERRA 4D platform to gain a holistic security and safety solution with clearly defined processes and workflows.


Centralize and streamline your workflows by automating manual tasks and connecting processes. The complexity of business processes and workflows across dynamic environments with a diversity of platforms can be costly and labor intensive. As a result, organizations are looking to implement automated processes and a stronger focus on digitalized workflows. We provide you a holistic software platform and integrate your existing systems and processes to increase your operational efficiency. This saves you money and reduces your environmental footprint.

Each user interface is directly linked with the respective process step. This allows a fast and efficient creation or change of user interfaces or process steps.

Process Applications

FLOW4SECURE has preconfigured process applications which are adaptable to the specific customer requirements like:

The preconfigured process applications are built on a modular bases and can be tailored according to the Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) requirements and needs of our end customer. A CAFM solution based on FLOW4SECURE can contain apps for external and internal booking portals, billing system, contract management, EV charging incl. billing services, etc.

FLOW4SECURE achieves independence from access control hardware and software by creating an own abstraction layer which increases the operational efficiency and reduces risks and errors as all information and data are managed by one platform throughout the entire organization.

FLOW4SECURE offer real-time information about all resources of an organization. Ordering, scheduling, prioritization and allocation of new or existing resources has never been easier with custom made applications.

FLOW4SECURE provides a wide range of statistics which either can be used for simple reports or for the analysis and improvement of daily operations.

Fields of Use

The field of application for process automation and workflow management for physical security and workplace service delivery is endless and can be implemented in all areas where efficiency, security and reliability are key.


  • Power plants
  • Refineries
  • Fossil fuels production

Education & Culture

  • Universities & schools
  • Libraries
  • Events

Public Health & Safety

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency services
  • Law enforcement

Information & Communication

  • High-tech sector
  • Telecommunication providers
  • Media

Transportation & Travel

  • Harbors & logistics
  • Airports
  • Hotels

Key Industries

  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Pharma

State Institutions

  • Ministries
  • City halls
  • Courts


  • Banks
  • Insurances
  • Stock exchanges


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