Smart Port Solution

Managing complexity and maximizing operational efficiency, safety and security in smart ports.  TERRA 4D is tailor-made to address these requirements and provides its clients with an integrated vendor agnostic geo-spatial command and control center solution.

TERRA 4D helps smart ports to:

  • Integrate operations applications into a single platform to reduce complexity
  • Improve situation response times and minimize risk
  • Provide a common operating picture enabling superior situational awareness, management and real-time resolution
  • Geo-reference and correlate information from multiple security, safety and operational subsystems to manage and resolve immediate tasks
  • Intuitive workflows guide operators and remove randomness, reduce stress and enforce compliance for legal and company guidelines


New challenges for smart ports include adaption of advanced technologies and complying with expanding regulations and policies in the command and control center. The availability of un-structured data is increasing dramatically and operators are forced to manage complex situations and daily tasks under extreme time pressure. Accidents, theft, sabotage, spying, pollution and terrorist attacks on land, sea and from air become increasingly serious problems for ports around the world together with yearly rising of goods & personal handling.


TERRA 4D integrates, manages and visualizes unstructured information from physical sensors and data bases. The solution presents structured data in a geographical context offering superior situation awareness in real-time to all stakeholders in a smart port. TERRA 4D reduces costs of service by increasing efficiency and avoidance of human errors.


Learn more about our Smart Port Solution in the datasheet: