Safe & Smart City

Managing situations in communities involves city, state, federal and private organizations. Terra 4D PSIM facilitates the gathering, coordination, and sharing of information, in real-time to resolve and manage situations effectively.


Critical Infrastructure

Continued operation for energy and water supply, telecommunication services and traffic is of national security and public interest. Terra 4D helps to secure critical infrastructure sites from various threats including terrorism, accidents and sabotage.



Terra 4D helps transportation organizations like airports, seaports and mass transit. It enables efficient and safe transportation of people and goods with a superior situational awareness.


Smart Facilities

Future proven umbrella solution to facilitate building management, fire alarm, production, video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, communication, localisation and more into one user interface. Terra 4D supports the enforcement of Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance services to protect and maintain smooth operations.

Border Protection

As new risks & global threats emerge, governments are calling for a higher level of safety and security to protect their citizens and infrastructures. Terra 4D surveillance and control solution has been designed to detect and intercept unlawful activities on sea and land borders.



Vendor agnostic platform for mission planning, execution and reporting. Drone detection and defense solutions to protect sites. The Drone Module in TERRA 4D offers solutions for drone control and detection.