FAST Systems & Vertigo announce Cooperation

3 December 2021 | Zürich, Switzerland

FAST Systems announces a cooperation with Vertigo FPV, an agile high tech research and development team from Poland. The cooperation enables FAST Systems to integrate Vertigo’s UAV gimbals including sophisticated AI EDGE based VCA tools into the TERRA 4D platform.

Integrated Solutions

Such integrated UAV and C-UAV solutions based on the TERRA 4D platform enhance situational awareness and provide actionable insights to security operators and UAV pilots, when viewing live video surveillance feeds and recorded video in Ground Control Stations and remote C2 centers.

TERRA 4D User Client

The TERRA 4D user client unifies video surveillance, detection, monitoring and tracking of objects under one simplified GUI. It also aggregates 3D GIS maps, weather and traffic information, live-sources internet feeds and other interactive content for ease-of-use and efficient operations.    

Adding the Vertigo product portfolio to the TERRA 4D platform provides a powerful way for security operators to rapidly pinpoint people and objects of interest, receive real-time notifications of critical events, and dynamically keep an eye on such stressful situations in order to optimize safety operations.

Vertigo interfaces with FAST’s TERRA 4D Platform

The Vertigo gimbal provides status information, continues video streams and notifications of the EDGE based VCA tools  to the TERRA 4D platform. The full control of the gimbal is seamlessly integrated in the TERRA 4D software providing an end-to-end solution for the operators.

Vertigo’s advanced UAV gimbals running with AI EDGE based video analytics maximize situational awareness and operational intelligence for end users of the TERRA 4D platform” said Greg Wojdyga,  CEO, Vertigo FPV.

Cooperation Agreement

Bernd Drescher, VP Sales and Business Development, FAST Systems AG states“This agreement supports our commitment to providing our customers with state-of-the-art solutions, leveraging proven and new technologies, like Vertigo’s gimbal platform running with AI EDGE based video content analytics.

The Vertigo product integrations in TERRA 4D, enables our customers to derive exponential value from their UAV and C-UAV system investments,” said Carsten Tschritter,  CEO and CTO, FAST Systems, adding “With Vertigo’s highly accurate, high-performing video analytics, we can gain actionable insights about the environment of our customers.

The Vertigo and FAST Systems interfaces will continue to be enhanced, in order to enable even more advanced features for future product releases.

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