FAST Systems & uAvionics Technologies announce Partnership

27 September 2022 | Zürich, Switzerland

Swiss based company FAST Systems and Polish company uAvionics Technologies are to partner on developing fully integrated UAV solutions focussing mainly on flexible air surveillance platforms for critical infrastructure, petrochemical industry and public safety projects. As a first step FAST Systems and uAvionics have signed a Letter of Intend to fully integrate the INSPECTOR UAV into the TERRA 4D platform.

‘Integration with the Terra 4D platform allows us to create more and more autonomous systems which has been our goal from the early beginning of uAvionics. It also turns our platforms more towards the security industry which becomes so important’ stated Pawel Wozniak, CEO of uAvionics.

‘Supporting the INSPECTOR UAV of uAvionics in the TERRA 4D platform gives us the ability to address the needs for effortale UAV solutions as requested by many clients in emerging countries' outlined Bernd Drescher, VP Sales and Business Development at FAST Systems.

Mr. Wozniak noted that the INSPECTOR UAV can be equipped with different payloads and also be connected with tethered connections to offer long-term observation capabilities. ‘The aim of the partnership is to accelerate the development and go-to-market approach for fully-connected and integrated UAV safety and security applications as part of the TERRA 4D echosystem.'

About FAST Systems

FAST Systems is a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies and is revolutionizing the way organizations and governments protect people, property and assets. The core R&D team of FAST comprises the combined experience of over 100 man-years and 300 000 installed video channels in over 15.000 installations worldwide. The total of integrated data points sums up to more than 5 Mio. and while the largest single installation has more than 10.000 cameras.

About uAvionics Technologies

uAvionics founders’ interest in the unmanned flying platforms, avionics modeling and product design has developed in Poland at the Warsaw University of Technology. The company has developed and successfully offers a variety of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Ranging from the most compact multirotor - the Inspector to high performance fixed wing - the Tiguar, uAvionics changes the shape of things that fly in the air. Today we are not only a team of people passionate about the future in the sky but also having solid experience - in 2019 the team carried out the largest UAV data collect to date - covering more than 300 km2 with centimeter-level accurate data.

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