FAST Systems AG cooperates with CSi in Pakistan

2 February 2021 | Zürich, Switzerland

FAST Systems AG has signed a cooperation with CSi to enter and develop the Pakistani market for its TERRA 4D, Flow4Secure and MAVIS 4D software platforms.

Digital growth in Pakistan is going through a rapid evolution. ICT Sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of Pakistan contributing about 1% of GDP of Pakistan at about US$ 3.5 billion. It doubled in the past four years and experts expect it to grow a further 100% in the next two years to US$ 7 billion.

The modus operandi of the cooperation will accelerate ICT development and its promotion, provide technical assistance and enhance security measure for demanding clients in public sector and private companies.

"Both companies are working on strategic projects in the ICT industry to improve overall safety and security of their clients. This new partnership will not only lead to creating safer environments for people and assets but will also boost the digital transformation in Pakistan" said Bernd Drescher, VP Sales at FAST Systems. "We look forward to have the team of CSi on board to increase FAST's footprint in South Asia."

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