TERRA 4D Training & Certification Course

Jan 22-24 | Friedrichshafen, Germany

The second TERRA 4D training & certification session in 2019 is scheduled for January 22nd to 24th in Friedrichshafen (Germany).

What are the Training Objectives?


  • TERRA 4D Introduction
  • TERRA 4D Viewer Application


  • TERRA 4D Installation and Setup
  • TERRA 4D Configuration


  • Certification Test

Where will the Training take place?

FAST Protect GmbH

Siemensstr. 16/1

D – 88048 Friedrichshafen


When will the training take place?

  • January 22nd to 24th, 2019

We will start on January 22nd at 9:30am and finish on January 24th around 1:00pm.

Which prerequisites do you need to bring?

Please bring your laptops, because as part of the training you will install a TERRA 4D on your laptops and you will be trained for demos.

Please find the HW requirements as follow:

  • Quad Core CPU or better
  • Preferred graphics card: Nvidia graphics (Intel and ATI works too)
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • 4GB free disk space
  • Windows 10
  • Mouse (3D GIS model navigation is easier with mouse)

Where to stay for the Training Course?

For your stay in Friedrichshafen we recommend the Hotel Inn Express Friedrichshafen that is close to the location of the Training course.

See Holiday Inn Express, Friedrichshafen

Please confirm your attendance in the second TERRA 4D Certification Training 2019 until January 4th, 2019.

Thank you, my best regards and hope to see you soon in Friedrichshafen am Bodensee!

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