20. European Police Congress 2017

Feb 21-22 | Berlin, Germany

At the 20th European Police Congress VIMTEC and FAST Protect present the VIMTEC MBE 1500 in combination with FAST Protect’s TERRA 4D Software Management Platform.

Both systems create an advanced solution of video surveillance technology, motion detection and superior situational awareness with a 3D GIS layer based user interface to monitor all sorts of places and events. The control centre can respond to incidents reported in this way by for instance addressing individuals directly through secure communication via TETRA or loudspeakers and if necessary taking further action.

The TERRA 4D integrated geospatial command and control centre solution provides tools that significantly accelerate response and improve efficiency in every phase of the situational management lifecycle during critical operations such as address search in live video streams, multi-camera tracking, time-synchronized video recording, latency-free control of PTZ cameras and automated workflows.

The VIMTEC MBE 1500 serves as a system platform for the required monitoring technology. Thanks to its construction as a trailer, the VIMTEC MBE 1500 can be quickly transported to the desired location. The system is very easy to operate and can be set up within minutes. Standalone operation is enabled by an integrated power generation and battery system, meaning the VIMTEC MBE 1500 can be set up without any sort of external power supply. With a fuel tank holding 200 litres of diesel, the VIMTEC MBE 1500 can easily run for 120 days in hybrid mode. Thanks to the tamper-proof construction and the flexible design of monitoring technology, the VIMTEC MBE 1500, combined with the FAST Protect TERRA 4D software management platform, is an ideal addition to the monitoring of police operations, events or the safeguarding of open areas.

VIMTEC GmbH has revolutionized the concept of mobile surveillance. In addition to the mobile monitoring unit, VIMTEC GmbH also offers mobile video control stations and observation vehicles based on existing vehicles as well as special solutions for police surveillance applications. These products are distributed nationally and internationally.

The VIMTEC GmbH aims to ensure a high standard of quality for their products, which is implemented by a quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 certification.

A growing team produces the VIMTEC MBE 1500 in Hainewalde, Germany and strives to continuously improve the product. The development team can draw on more than 25 years of experience in the security sector. The modular system and high quality compatible components allows a well-structured production. VIMTEC pays special attention to the high performance and maximum lifespan of these components in order to ensure a self-sufficient and mobile surveillance in numerous applications.


FAST Protect is a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies and is revolutionizing the way organizations and governments protect people, property and assets. The core R&D team of FAST Protect comprises the combined experience of over 100 man-years and 110,000 installed video channels in over 12,000 installations worldwide.

FAST Protect has extensive experience in designing, implementing and maintaining large-scale security, public safety and industrial projects. Our innovative solutions protect cities, nations, borders and private concerns from internal and external threats, enabling our customers to manage complex challenges in a cost-effective manner.


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